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Improve complex Wireless Environment

Hello guys, 

I have a wireless environment, composed of the following equipment: 

- 25 Switches Cisco 2960G - iOS 12.2 (55) SE5 
- 67 Access Point 3502E 
- 2 WLC 2500 - 50 Clients Supported 
- 68 CK3X Intermec Handhelds 

I have enough WAN bandwidth, my usage is around 60-70% for a total of 6MB Full. 

The wired LAN also has a run in with the standard response time <1ms for packages like 32bytes. 

My current scenario is a wide variation for handhelds connected to this network. Response time ranging from 8ms to 1000ms, great instability. 

I researched some notes Intermec / Honeywell, but found nothing very specific. 

Now, the basic configuration of controlers for Wireless are as follows: 

1 Mbps - Disabled 
2 Mbps - Disabled 
5.5 Mbps - Mandatory 
6 Mbps - Supported 
9 Mbps - Mandatory 
11 Mbps - Disabled 
12 Mbps - Supported 
18 Mbps - Supported 
24 Mbps - Supported 
36 Mbps - Supported 
48 Mbps - Supported 
54 Mbps - Mandatory 

The SSID is standard with WPA2 / TKIP Security - No Layer 3 or additional layers of security. 

The environment has roughly 10,000 m2 with ceiling height of 12 meters. It is a large distribution center. 

I can provide some detailed analysis of the survey and the network topology as well as other additional settings. 

Thanks in advance

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Hi, Some of the most command



Some of the most comman best practices to improve your speed is to use 1,2,5.5 and 11 Mbps as mandatory. However, you can disable 1 and 2 Mbps if the APs are mounted closely.

I would advise you to use WPA2 with AES as it supports 802.11 n Data rates.



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Here is my 2cents.... Like

Here is my 2cents.... Like like Salma mentioned, use WPA2/AES as long as your devices support WPA2/AES. If your devices support TKIP, then use WPA/TKIP. The reasons you see sporadic connection is maybe due to you using WPA2/TKIP which isn't a standard.  Changing your data rates depends on really understanding your environment. There are so many things you can change but it can hurt your environment unless you understand the require to for all your devices.  I also don't see why you would need three mandatory data rates. The most I would use is two and again, you need to know what each device in your environment needs.


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how did you solve this problem?


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i would suggest creating a new post with information on your environment and issues you are having. Solving issues isn't a cookie cutter approach especially in different environments with different end devices.


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