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increase speed

Have a Cisco Wireless Access point 340 and the speed degrades as users move down the hall, away from the unit. The 340 is in the ceiling in the middle of the office. What part should I get to increase the distance for the 11 mbps range? An antenna or another access point?


Re: increase speed

The least expensive option would be a higher gain antenna. Depending on the length of the hallway, you might do better with a high-gain patch antenna on one end (the end most likey to be closest to the most users).

You may want to do another site survey to determine / re-evaluate the coverage.

A new AP would work too, the newer ones have stronger /more selective / more sensitive radios.

Depending on the number of mobile users, new NICs might help too (better sensitivity, stronger radios).

If you relocate your antennas to ~1/3 the distance each way you may improve your coverage as well (coupled with antennas with enough gain to offset the losses from adding the cable).

It's kind of a toss up, depending on your personal inclination and the site survey (and the budget).


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Re: increase speed

Thanks! The budget says antenna. I've not used one before. Does it require CAT 5 cable back to the switch or does it cable to the AP, or is it just radio?

The workstation NIC's are built in to Compaq tablet PC's and can't easily be changed.


Re: increase speed

The easiest solution would be a segment of Cisco cabling (Ultra low loss would be preferred, because the radio is already a little light).

The ultra low loss is -4.4db per 100ft; they have cable as long as 150 feet (-6.6db total).

This is coaxial cable, similar to "cable tv" cable (much higher quality / lower loss though).

If you can find an ~8dbi omnidirectional, on 100 feet of ultra low loss, you end up with ~3db of gain (which is double the signal strength). There are other issues, but for "ballpark," this should give you some direction.

If you stay with Cisco equipment / components, then you are guaranteed regulatory compliance.

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