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Indoor coverage with outdoor equipment

Sr, I need to provide coverage in all apartments in a building of four floors. I can't install indoor Access Point because bureaucratic subjects. I need provide this coverage using outdoor equipment.

Somebody already made something similar.

thanks !


Re: Indoor coverage with outdoor equipment

Do you mean using outdoor access points indoor or covering indoor from the outside?

In the first case (using outdoor access points indoor) I saw in done in a shopping mall, ti does work properly, even if site survey is a bit of an issue (You need higher mounting for the APs and the amplifier creates coverage patterns and reflections issues a bit specific).

In the second case (covering indoor from access points placed outside), it is more challenging. The penetration power of a wireless wave is not great, you would probably cover well through the windows but have a lot more difficulties through the external walls... depends of course on the building, but I would be cautious...


Community Member

Re: Indoor coverage with outdoor equipment

thanks Jerome,

My case is the second case. I intend use 1510 Access Points. I will make a site survey to validate this.


Re: Indoor coverage with outdoor equipment

Good luck Claudio then!

Everytime I tried I had disapointing results, coverage was fine at the edge of the buildings and poor inside...

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