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Interesting Question! WLC-LWAPP design... Auto RF

I am doing a post-install site survey at a client which has approximately 40 AP's. As I walk I am able to see with netstumbler up to 16 AP's at one time. Of course with my wireless Intel client I only see the SSID as configured. My client would like the SSID broadcast. My gut instinct is that the AP's are running too hot and I need to scale back power, However, I have Auto RF on. Isn't this supposed to tone down the power settings automatically? What am I missing here?


Re: Interesting Question! WLC-LWAPP design... Auto RF


You should check how well the AP sees it's neighbors. The command from the cli is: show ap auto-rf 802.11b . What you want to check is, what the Nearby AP's are seen at. If they are seen at less than -65dbm, the Auto-RF function will increase power output to try and get there. If they are seen at more than -65dbm, then Auto-RF will lessen power. This can be tweaked a bit by changing the power threshold, the command is : config advanced 802.11b tx-power-control-thresh . If you do tweak this, try to pick a number that is near what you are seeing the AP's at.

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Re: Interesting Question! WLC-LWAPP design... Auto RF

Thanks for the info! I will try some adjustments and see what if I can improve what we are seeing... Thanks!

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