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Interference question

I have two conference rooms that need to have wireless access. In between the conference rooms, which are about 100ft apart, there is a "Radioactive Materials" room. Will there be interference caused by the the radioactive materilas room, like the interferance caused by CAT SCAN/X-Ray rooms?


Re: Interference question

As far as I know, I think there will be interference.

Cisco Employee

Re: Interference question

Your only real method to tell will be a site survery.

There is too many varriables like how sheilded the room is and what sort of radiation is being emitted


Re: Interference question

The radiation will not be a factor. The shielding for the room likely will be.

Radio @ 2.4 Gig doesn't relay on penetration anyway, it bounces. If you have a hallway between the rooms, chances are you'll get signal between teh two points.

Worse case, mount the radios (or at least the antennas) outside the conference rooms in the connecting hallway(s). You should still have good signal quality & strength, but will have a better shot of getting the signals around the shielded room.

Some details of the layout would be helpful.

As mentioned above, only a good site survey can give you an absolute assurance that things will work as desired.

Good Luck


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