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I have a municipality client that wants to put an omni-directional antenna on a water tower for their 11b network. They have also been approached by a cellular carrier for permission to locate their antennas atop the water tower. What sort of interference or problems can I expect with the co-location of the cellular antennas and an 11b antenna on a single structure?

Cisco Employee

Re: Interference

You should be fine,

Cellular carriers are normally 900Mhz 1800Mhz or 1900Mhz depending on the location in the world

WLAN is 2400Mhz

The cell phone bands are not a harmonic of WLAN or are they in the same band so the interference should not be an issue.

Just watch that the antenna is not placed in the line of sight or frensnel zone, and would provide some physical separation on the roof, ie. dont put them right on top of each other.

The cellular guys have more to loose with interference so they wouldnt have approached you if it was going to be a big problem

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