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Intermec 751 Handhelds and WLC code versions

We have Intermec 751 mobile handhelds and three WLAN controllers. A 4404-100, 4402-25, and a 2000-6. The 4404 & 2000 series are running 3.x WLC code and the 4402-25 is running 4.x.

We're using the same SSID & WPA-PSK on all three controllers, and the handheld associates with the controllers that have the 3.x code, but not the WLC with 4.x code. Besides the different code, we have the exact same WLAN's defined. We've also tried creating an Open WLAN with no security, and still nothing. We're using the Intermec Settings app to manage the WLAN settings..

Has anyone run into this before? Other devices - laptops and CK30 scanners can connect, but not the 751's. We're going to open up a TAC as well, but I thought I'd check the boards to see if anyone else has encountered anything similar.

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Re: Intermec 751 Handhelds and WLC code versions

I found this on Intermec's "Knowledge Central". I don't know if this will help but it's worth a shot. It's seems "SR06236001" fixes Cisco LWAPP version 4.x compatibility. Here is the full KC post.


7x1 terminals running OSv4.95.1 PSMv4.03 with SR06236001 installed using Funk-WPA-TLS-LWAPP v4.x

Problem Description/Purpose:

The terminal will reauthenticate on the network approximately once every twelve minutes. If hundreds of terminals are deployed, this creates a large amount of unwanted reauthentication traffic on the authentication server.


Solution/Action Plan:

Intermec Engineering recommends enabling CCKM to reduce frequent and unwanted reauthentication messages on the authentication server.

SR06236001 also offers these enhancements to OS version 4.95.1/4.03 PSM on the 751A, 761A and CN2BA with WM2003:

1. Power managed radio response time is improved (PSP).

2. Roaming performance with LEAP is improved.

3. Fix for Cisco LWAPP version 4.x compatibility.

4. Fixes a CCX association ID problem that was associated with CCKM.

Do not use SR06236001 on devices other than the 751A, 761A, or CN2BA (Samsung radio).

SR06236002 is specifically for the CN30A with Windows Mobile 5 and contains the same enhancements (Samsung radio). This updated has been tested on CN30 OS version 2.47 with version 2.01 SD Card Image.

Installation instructions for either SR listed above:

1. copy the associated CAB file to \CabFiles and warm boot


2. copy the CAB file to \Temp folderand double-click on it.

The terminal will automatically warm boot after the SR is installed.

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