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Invalid LWAPP AP

---Error Log in WLC---

*Feb 25 09:06:49.014: %LWAPP-3-RD_ERR4: spam_lrad.c:2040 Invalid regulatory domain 802.11bg:-ACE 802.11a:-C for AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94

*Feb 25 09:06:49.014: %LWAPP-3-RD_ERR7: spam_lrad.c:8048 Invalid country code () for AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94



In WLC, i have configured the "Country" in "MY"

2.) In Lightweight AP, how to know the AP is belong to which "Country" & "Regulation Domain" (I mean in console mode).

3.) Why this AP used the Ethernet MAC to register rather than use the Based Radio MAC to register (Because all those working APs are using Based Radio MAC to register).

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

Go to Wireless, click on to the AP you desire and go to the Advanced tab. You should see a Country Code drop-down menu.

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

But i do not even see the device in the Wireless. because it will deregister the device from the WLC.

----Log info-----

*Feb 25 09:02:28.208: 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94: Invalid country code ().

*Feb 25 09:02:28.208: 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 not allowed to join. Regulatory Domain check failed.

Allowed regulatory domain: 802.11bg:-ACE 802.11a:-C

*Feb 25 09:02:28.208: 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 apfSpamProcessStateChangeInSpamContext: Deregister LWAPP event for AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 slot 0

*Feb 25 09:02:28.209: 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 apfSpamProcessStateChangeInSpamContext: Deregister LWAPP event for AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 slot 1

*Feb 25 09:02:28.209: DTL Deleting AP 10 -

*Feb 25 09:02:28.211: 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 Deregister LWAPP event for AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 slot 0

*Feb 25 09:02:28.212: 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 Deregister LWAPP event for AP 00:21:d8:48:5a:94 slot 1

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

What is the full model number of your AP?

When your ap joins again, enter the following commands from the WLC:

config ap country my AP_Name

Hope this works for you.

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

My AP model is AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9. I'm not able to test right now.

I let you know once i configured it whether works or not. thanks for your response.

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

What country are you located? Your LAP1131 has been configured for use in China's regulatory domain/rules.

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

My location - Malaysia/ Country code - MY.

May i know how u get the information that my AP is configured in China Regulation domain


Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

He got it from the part number. The "C" in the part number stands for China.

Codes for AP part numbers are:


• C=China


• I=Israel

• J=TELEC (Japan)

• K=Korea

• N=North America (Excluding FCC)

• P=Japan2

• S=Singapore

• T=Taiwan

According to this document, you're supposed to be using China's regulatory code:

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP


Thanks for that. :)


I don't think you can use this AP in your country because of different country regulatory domain.

If you have purchased your AP for an authorized Cisco re-seller/dealer, you could (emphasis on the word COULD) get an exchangee

Hope this helps!

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Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

thanks Jeff too,

I have checked the documentation for the regulatory domain for "China" and "Malaysia" but both are operate in same channel.

one more thing is, all other APs with same device model are working fine.

for example

SJMCNA-A1-1-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:04:b7:6d:48 A1-1 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1248V2DZ

SJMCNA-B3-7-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bc:50:54 B3-7 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1248V2DW

SJMCNA-B3-3-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bc:57:24 B3-2 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1248V2EB

SJMCNA-D6-4-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:04:25:57:78 D6-4 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1239V1DW

SJMCNA-D4-4-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:21:d8:48:5a:9e D4-4 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V036

SJMCNA-D4-5-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:21:d8:48:5c:0e D4-5 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V02U

SJMCNA-B3-6-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:04:b7:75:dc B2-3 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1248V2DT

SJMCNA-B1-8-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:e8:26 B1-8 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V03T

SJMCNA-B1-5-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:e6:64 B1-5 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V03M

SJMCNA-A1-0-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:04:b7:74:7e A1-0 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1248V2E0

SJMCNA-D3-3-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:21:d8:48:5d:aa D3-3 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V03C

SJMCNA-D3-6-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:e6:74 D3-6 2 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V030

SJMCNA-D6-7-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:dc:4a D6-7 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V03U

SJMCNA-D7-4-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:21:d8:48:54:34 D7-4 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V03N

SJMCNA-D9-2-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:e9:2a D9-2 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V02V

SJMCNA-D8-8-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:e6:ec D8-8 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V034

SJMCNA-D3-5-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:21:d8:47:74:88 D3-5 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1238V14S

SJMCNA-D5-3-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:dd:76 D5-3 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V03B

SJMCNA-D5-7-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:dc:f6 D5-7 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V02X

SJMCNA-D6-6-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:ea:52 D6-6 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V02Q

SJMCNA-D3-0-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bc:59:06 D3-0 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1248V2ET

SJMCNA-D9-8-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:21:d8:48:54:46 D9-8 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V02P

SJMCNA-D3-7-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:21:d8:48:5c:02 D3-7 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V03P

SJMCNA-D9-3-AP1 2 AIR-LAP1131AG-C-K9 00:23:33:bb:e7:be D9-3 1 MY 1 S/N:FCW1247V033


Re: Invalid LWAPP AP

You're correct, Malaysia should be using China's regulatory domain. The fact that this AP isn't being allowed on the controller when the rest are being added is a bit of a mystery. I wonder if there's a problem with the AP.

Do you have SmartNet? Can you open a TAC case? If not, I would consider downgrading to autonomous and upgrading back to lightweight to see if that resets whatever is broken.

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