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IP Addressing / Subnetting for AP's connected to 4404 controllers?

Is there a pro/con, or best practice regarding the ip addressing for your AP's when having them connected to wireless controllers?

Basically I am trying to decide if the AP's should just use the same VLAN and subnet as what the wireless clients will use, or something different?

I know that part of the LWAPPs process for finding controllers depends on it grabbing a DHCP address which if you configure the switch port right for the AP according to the deployment guide you are setting the access vlan to that which your wireless clients will use. So the AP will grab DHCP from the client scope then broadcast out on that subnet looking for a controller.

So far all seems fine and good, and I know you can change the IP address of the AP if you want once it is homed into the controller. But I simply don't know if there is a best practice regarding this.

Leave the APs IP on same subnet/vlan as the wireless clients or move the AP's to a new one.

Maybe I am over thinking this, and it really doesn't matter?

I have two controllers at two main locations, each going to support about 15 AP's. Same SSID at each location and using PEAP.

Thinking about basically allocating two class c's one for each location for the wireless clients and just do some reservations from each class c scope for the AP's.

What would be the negatives of doing things this way? Any suggestions or pros/cons would be appreciated.

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Re: IP Addressing / Subnetting for AP's connected to 4404 contro

Best practice is to keep your wireless clients on their own vlan.

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Re: IP Addressing / Subnetting for AP's connected to 4404 contro

We setup a seperate VLAN. This best pratice is the way to go.

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Re: IP Addressing / Subnetting for AP's connected to 4404 contro

Ok so it seems from replies here and in other forums that the wireless clients should be on their own vlan, seperate from the AP's and controllers.

Which leads me to another question, should the AP's and Controllers be on the same, not be on the same or doesn't matter?

One pro of being on the same vlan and subnet is the AP's can easily home in to the controller since it will broadcast out to its subnet looking for a controller.

Any con to this?

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