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iPhones and other smart phones being Excluded

Has anyone seen an issue with iPhones and other smart phones being considered as excluded clients for the reason of Identity Theft? I am looking at one of my controllers and there are almost 680 excluded clients and most of them are smart phones and they are all being excluded for the same reason. It seems to be mostly iPhones but not all of the iPhones are experiencing the same behavior.

There is a mix of AP types (AP1010s, 1131s and 3502s) and also a mix of controller types (44XX and 3508). I have not been able to find any information to explain this behavior on the phone side and/or the wireless side.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: iPhones and other smart phones being Excluded

Are these devices suppose to be on your networknor not. If not, it could be that these devices are just trying to auto connect and failing due to bad authentication, which is typical if people have the wifi on and allowing it to join open networks.


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iPhones and other smart phones being Excluded

These devices are supposed to be allowed to connect to our network. The issue we are seeing is.....

We have multiple WLANs, 2 secured and 1 open. Ideally the phones would be able to connect to all of them but they should only be connecting to the secured networks for work purposes. The only difference between the 2 secured networks is that one is only available on the B/G band and the other is on the A band. What I am seeing is that the excluded clients are only showing up as being excluded on the open network but when they get into this state they are not able to connect to the secured networks as well.

After further investigation it seems that they are all iPhones and from what I can tell they are all running IOS 5. Our company does provide iPhones for some employees but there is a base build that is required and none of the company provided phones are having a problem, even the one running IOS 5. All of the phones with issues are personally owned phones so i cannot speak to their configuration.

Thank you for our response as I am baffled.... I have been working with wireless for many years and this is confusing me.

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iPhones and other smart phones being Excluded


A common cause of the clients being excluded casue of identity theft is, two clients with the same ip address. These days since most of the devices (specially smartphones) tend to hold on to their old ip addresses. So when a client associates for the first time get an ip address x.x.x.x and goes off to sleep. Maybe there occurs a scenario where in the dhcp lease expires and the dhcp server hands out the ip x.x.x.x to another client. Now the first client wakes up and tries to use the same ip address (sticky ip behavior) and gets excluded.

You can try and enable the dhcp addr assignment feature on the WLAN advanced config page.

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