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IPX through WLC 2106

My customer uses an administration application that appears to be using IPX. We had found that using 3com APs in the original network, this applications works fine. I installed a new network totally cisco where we have Cisco1242 APs and a WLC 2106. The administration application is not working. I found a FAQ ( where it is indicated IPX is not supported on any WLC. My question is about what is the reason to not support IPX and if could exists plans to support it in the future?. Also, can be a way to identify the WLC is blocking IPX?


Re: IPX through WLC 2106

I'm not aware of any plans to add IPX support to the Cisco Wireless Portfolio.

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Re: IPX through WLC 2106

The application's support team, tell us they are not using IPX anymore, however they use UDP port 11050 for license management. Monitoring with ethereal software, I had confirmed that the client sent several broadcast UDP requests to port 11050, and because any answer is received the session is closed in error.

How can I confirm the controller or APs are blocking this transmission? In that case, how can I open this port?

Thanks in advance.

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