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New Member

is it bugs on ??


i have a WLC4402 with close to 20 laps.the Laps are broadcasting two wlans one for guest and one for corporate.

recently i did an upgrade on the wlc from image 3.2.119.x to

now the problem is that the guest wlan cannot get ip address form the DHCP scope either in the controller or the switch.all it does is get addresses from the corporate vlan.

my switch is configured as follows

interface GigEthernet 6/6

*****description link to cisco WLC******

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk encapsulation dol1q

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,4


interface vlan 4

description vlan for guests

ip address 172.31.x.z

ip helper address 172.31.x.z

ip dhcp pool BTC_GUEST

network 172.31.X.X

default router 172.31.x.z

interface vlan 1


ip helper address 10.6.x.x

clients on vlan 1 can get ip address from the dhcp but on the guest vlan instead of getting the 172.31.x.w address it gets the 10.1.x.x any reason for this ???


Re: is it bugs on ??

Curious why you stopped upgrading at 4.0; there is a very long list of feature additions and bug fixes in 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, and now 5.0.

Presuming you're using a centrally switched network, have you checked the helper-addresses associated with the interfaces on the WLC? (Controller > Interfaces)

Have you proven that DHCP works over the wire for both of those VLANs?

Short of that, we will need you to post more information about your configs to make a more detailed assessment.


New Member

Re: is it bugs on ??

yep,DHCP for the guest works fine over the wire...but instead if the guest client getting an address from the scope they get an address from the corporate wlan scope.

before i upgraded to 4.0. it was working fine.

New Member

Re: is it bugs on ??

just switched back to the 3.2 image but is still have the same problem,guests client are geting address from the coorporate dhcp scope.

on echanged that was done that i think is causing the problem is that before this the dhcp was on the 10.1.16.x network which is on the same subnet as the native vlan,but now the dhcp is seating on a diiferent subnet whci is the 10.6.1.x this supposed to have any effect on the wlan.

the dhcp is on the vlan 10.6.1.x whic does intervlanrouting with the 10.1.16.x vlan.

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