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Issue with AP failover

I have a WLC (4402) running version  The WLC used to have both interfaces connected to a single switch (LAG was enabled) with etherchannel on the switch end.  It was changed such that each port on the WLC is connected to a different switch (for protection against switch failure).  After I made the configuration changes, I tested by disconnecting port 1 of the WLC from the network.  I had a wireless client performing a continuous ping on the network.  When I disconnected the cable from port 1, the ping continued uninterrupted (which is what I expected).  When I looked at the WLC, the APs had switched over to port 2.  However, when I plugged the cable back into port 1, the wireless client could no longer access the network and was unable to access the network again until after I did a manual repair on the wireless adapter.  I did not expect that.  Any thoughts on why this happened?

For reference, I've attached a partial config output from the WLC (with any identifying info stripped out).

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Re: Issue with AP failover

Well for one... the subnet mask for the management and ap-managers are different:)  MAnagement and ap-managet vlan should be set to '0' and the trunk port should be set to switchport mode trunk native vlan 133.  Best practice to put an ip address on the service port also, but make sure it is not routable in your network.  Still reviewing the config?

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