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issue with prime

Hi all,

I'm having some issue with upgrading from Prime to

I can only find upgrade information for version is this the same version as

Until step 4/7 all seems to run ok but its skipping some steps in the process?

  Stage 1 of 7: Transferring file ...

  -- complete.

  Stage 2 of 7: Unpacking file ...

  -- complete.

  Stage 3 of 7: Executing pre-install ...

  -- complete.

  Stage 4 of 7: Upgrading binaries ...

  -- complete.

Prime Infrastructure Application installation completed

Install Completed Successfully

Application Install Completed.

Completed but what abouth step 5,6 and 7? 

I know step 6 containe 5 "substeps" (1/5)

After the upgrade I can only access the Cli.

a sh ncs status show some database issue.

have anyone upgraded from (not to or is it not possible?


issue with prime

I've done that upgrade, and steps beyond 4 take forever to complete.

my prefered method of upgrading:

1.) export maps

2.) spin up new VM and install PI clean

3.) add all the WLC back to PI

4.) import maps

5.) discover templates from WLC

This seems to work the best for me, and it keeps the occurances of database issues down, as you are not expanding teh db and  pulling in information from a backup, that could possibly have some corruptions.


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Re: issue with prime

I agree with Steve again... PI 1.2 was bad and there were a lot of people who have had issues upgrading. You can open a TAC case and I think they have a patch you need if you want to upgrade, but like Steve mentioned, I prefer to bring up a new VM and re-license and move the maps.

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Re: issue with prime

Hi Scott,

like always... your right..

Thanks for your reply.

I'll think i'll try to backup the, then Re-initialize the database and restore the "bastard" and try to upgrade. Just to see if it work.

Have a nice weekend.

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Re: issue with prime

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes this is the quick and dirty way.. always work!

I have properly done like 50-70 upgrades, maybe even close to a 100 but newer had this issue before.

I was just curious if it was possible to fix. A new server will also require rehosting the installed licenses but properly still more time consuming.

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