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Issues with AP's showing up in WCS


I have some ap's here that are connected to the controller and I'm connected to those ap's and surfing the web with no problem. However, they will not show up in the WCS. I can search for the ap's mac and ip, nothing. I've also searched for my username and my laptop's mac/ip and still nothing. I can see my username and mac on the controller. I'm running version WCS. I was wondering if anyone else has every ran into this problem and if so what they did. Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Issues with AP's showing up in WCS

Did you happen to add the WLC to WCS and verified that it is indeed communicating?

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Re: Issues with AP's showing up in WCS

Yes it's been added. It's been in there for a while and has many ap's already connected to it. If I try to put out ap's that were previously on the network or new one's, it just won't pick them up. I also had 2 ap's go down earlier this week. I went out and got them back online and I can go on to the controller and see them but the wcs still reports they are down. I can also connect to the. It seems that the wcs is just hung up or something. When I go back in on monday I'm going to reboot the wcs and see if that may fix anything.


Re: Issues with AP's showing up in WCS

Are you using SNMPv2 or SNMPv3 for the WCS polling of the WLC?

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Re: Issues with AP's showing up in WCS

I'm using snmp v2. If an access point goes down that has been associated for a while, then the WCS says that the radio interfaces are down, but it will not say that it has disassociated. I had a testwap and took it offline and it wouldn't say it disassociated, i tried to remove it from the WCS but it wouldn't let me since it was still associated, even though it wasn't. Also, I had some access points go down a few weeks ago and they are back up and working, you can see them from the controller, the WCS still does not see them, it still reports them as being down. As well as adding new access points, they will associate to the controller, but they do not appear in the WCS.

I did an audit on one of the controllers, which had ap's up that they wcs saw as being down. And in the audit, it would see the access point, but would report back that the access point is not present in the WCS. Also if the WCS saw the ap as being up, even though it wasn't. The audit would report back that the ap is not associated with this base. Kind of weird. It's kind of like something happened when I upgraded the version of WCS. Hopefully this gives a little more explanation of what is going on. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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