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Joining a converted to lightweight 1231 AP to our controllers.

I will start out with the obvious and that I am a real novice when it comes to the Cisco AP's, Controllers and WCS.

I need some help trying to get a AIR-AP1231G-A-K9 on our controllers. The AP was originally in autonomous mode and I converted it to lightweight mode. However when I used the Cisco tool to convert it, I did not specify the controller IP because I figured I wouldn't need to since it will grab our controller IP from our DHCP settings. (We have several controllers so I didn't figure that I wanted to specify one).

But, now when the AP comes up, I am getting an alert in WCS that the AP can't join because an SSC Hash Key is not configured between the Controller and the AP. How would I be able to go about getting the AP setup to generate a SSC Hash Key with our controllers so I can get it up and operational?

Now I do have some other spare AP's that I can use instead to accomplish what I need to get done. However, I prefer to learn how to fix this blunder so I can learn more on what to do and what not to do and how to fix what I did wrong=)


Re: Joining a converted to lightweight 1231 AP to our controller

You need to specify the controller IP in the converting tool. Then the tool will generate the SSC certificate for your AP on the WLC automatically. Also you need to configure the WLC to accept the SSC on the Security -> AP Policy page.


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Re: Joining a converted to lightweight 1231 AP to our controller

What you also can do is console into the ap and power cycle the ap. When the ap boots, look at the log closely and it will show you the hash. You can copy that and add that to the WLC and presto... your done with that one.

Debug pm pki enable on the controller will give you the hash key for certificate. Just take the ouput in a notepad and search for the hash key

If you have more to upgrade, follow the instructions on the upgrade tool.

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Re: Joining a converted to lightweight 1231 AP to our controller

That worked! Thank you very much for your help.

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