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Juniper switch and LLDP with Cisco 2600 series AP

I have a Jujniper ex4200-48px switch and I have LLDP  enabled.  My problem is seeing the results in my Cisco Prime and also in the Cisco WLC.  I am running code version 7.4.121 on my WLC and 1.3.020 on my CPI.     The Cisco docs suggest LLDP support but not sure if there's something I need to enable.

What  I am seeing:

I have 4 access points on my Juniper switch, all Cisco 2600 series APs.

From the WLC. when I select one of access points and try and view CDP neighbors from the monitor page/tab  I see three entries that appear to be the other three access points on the switch.    No real details on the switch IP address or port used by the AP I am viewing.

I see pretty much the same thing when I use the CPI and try and view CDP neighbors with it as well.

Is there something that I can enable on the controllers or CPI that will allow me to see the switching results on my CDP neighbor commands?  



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Regarding CDP and

Regarding CDP and interoperability with non-Cisco switches.  Non-Cisco hardware treats CDP as a regular L2 frame and just passes it on, leading to the unpredictable results that you are seeing.


Unfortunately there are no GUI or CLI commands that support LLDP.  We are running code, and the LWAPs are now visible via LLDP, but that's it.


I would suggest turning off CDP on all of your LWAPs that are connected to non-Cisco switches in order to not be mislead by unexpected CDP neighbor results.


We have a Juniper EX stack that all of our Cisco access switches connect to, and we turn off CDP on the uplinks in order to avoid the same inaccurate CDP information.

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