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LAP management questions.

I'm configuring a 2500 series WLC to test some wireless configuration changes we'd like to make on our 5500's that are currently in prodcution.

The 2500 and the 5800's interfaces are configured as a LAG.

One of the primary goals of these configuration changes is to move the LAPs from their current VLAN (the same subnet as our primary WLAN) to two separate VLANs.  Were choosing to move the LAPs to 2 APs based on the WLC best practices document's suggestion to limit the number of LAPs per vlan to 60-100. We've had several issues in the past with LAPs failing to join with their static IPs, releasing them and then joining with DHCP addresses.

LAP's will be on separate vlans using subnets and  WLC management interface is in the subnet.

Should we continue using static IPs for the LAPs or DHCP?

What subnet should the AP management interface be on?

Is it possible to have mutiple AP management interfaces with LAG?



Re: LAP management questions.

so both the 5508 and the 2504 have the management interface a the ap-manager by default. Amd they will work for up to 48 AP.

Once you go LAG on the 5508 you won't be able nor need to configure any other ap-manger interfaces. As the manager will be able to work with all of your AP

For the AP there is no reason to not use DHCP. the WLC does all the configuration and IOS synchronization as well. So the new for static IP so you know bathe address to telnet/ssh to is not needed.


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LAP management questions.


My understanding is that the 2504s don't support LAG. Also, I don't think either the 5508 or the 2504 have ap-manager anymore (deprecated and collapsed into management interface). I believe the 5508 has LAG turned on permanently and the 2504 can only use one interface, so no separate ap-manager function is needed aside from management on either platform.

I definitely agree with you that DHCP is the way to go on APs. It's a much better use of time to configure the DHCP scope for the APs instead of trying to control them through static addressing. It's not worth the hassle and tracking, especially as AP count scales up in the 100s or 1000s.


The management interface of your controller can be anywhere as long as your APs can discover and talk to it. I typically set up networks so that there's a "wireless services" vlan and I put WLC management and ap-manager (on older WLCs), location/mse, and wcs/ncs on that same network. This is by no means a requirement, but as a wireless engineer I like to separate the wireless control platforms from other functions on the network.


LAP management questions.

Correct the 2504 does not support LAG, and the 5508 can still go multiport non-LAG no permanant LAG for it.

the management is the ap-manger by defualt, and there is a checkbox to enable/disable that functionality.  On the 5508 you do have the ability to split the interfaces, but there is really no reason to.


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LAP management questions.


Thanks for the clarification. I'd missed that on the 5508.


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