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LEAP partner

I understand that LEAP is moving from a Cisco proprietary standard to an open standard, with something like 7 new partners already signed on. Does nayone know who these partners might be. This is important to our organization at the moment, as we are buying wireless clients to complement our implementation of an Aironet 1220 network with a ACS/LEAP server as back-end authentication.

--Paul Dieterich

Cisco Employee

Re: LEAP partner

LEAP is an 802.1x authentication protocol. For LEAP support the client

card firmware and the client card NDIS5 driver must support 802.1x. The

Microsoft URL below lists clients that support 802.1x.;en-us;313664

With LEAP supplicant software from Funk or Meetinghouse cards with

802.1x support are LEAP capable.

I have found out that all the Atheros OEM cards have firmware and NDIS

drivers that support 802.1x. So, all 11a clients and all 11a/11b combo

clients support 802.1x. I also tested D-Link 650+ (card bus 2.4GHz

22Mbps). It works fine.

There are cards like the ORiNOCO that did not have 802.1x support but

now can be upgraded with firmware and driver to support 802.1x.

The issue is not the card, but the firmware on the card and the NIDIS

driver having 802.1x support.

There is support on Linksys, Buffalo, Symbol, Intel and others but the

versions of firmware and driver define if they are LEAP capable.


Apple Macintosh iBook Agere embedded PC-Card supporting LEAP

Cisco Servers Supporting LEAP

Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) – v2.6 & greater, Cisco

Access Registrar (AR) RADIUS Server – v1.7 & greater

3rd-Party Servers and Client SW Supplicants Supporting LEAP


Server: Steel-Belted Radius v3.0 & greater support LEAP – WinXP,

Win2000, WinNT, Solaris and NetWare. Windows-based and

NetWare-based administered from Win9x, WinNT or Win2000.

Solaris-based administered using Java-based program in Netscape or

Internet Explorer.

Server: Odyssey v1.1 & greater support LEAP – Win2000

Server/Professional and WinXP Professional

Client: Odyssey Client – WinXP, Win2000, Win98 and WinME


Server: AEGIS Server – Linux and Solaris. Win2000 and WinXP

available soon.

Client: AEGIS Client – SW supplicant supports WinXP, Win2000,

WinNT, Win98, WinME, MAC OS and Linux.

Interlink Networks

Server: Server.XS (pronounced Server-Access) – Win2000,

WinNT and Linux

Client: no

Data Collection Devices Supporting LEAP via Cisco NIC Integration



Dolphin 7400RF


710 and 750


GoBook Q-100


MX1, MX2, MX3, MX3-CE, MX4, VX1, VX2 and VX4


Most Falcon models; including 4210, 625/665, 510/515, 340/345,

330/335 and 320/325


Cisco has licensed LEAP to Symbol

Symbol handhelds will support LEAP in response to customer demand

(i.e. your customer must demand it)

Several PDT81xx SKUs and a PPT28xx SKUs; PDT81C6-T2A94014,

PDT81C6-T2A93012, PDT81C6-T2A91015, and PPT28C6-TRIZ0Y11

WAV Wireless Outfitters

OEM Symbol Handheld (specific model TBA) w/ Cisco NIC

Silicon Suppliers Incorporating LEAP



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