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Hi everybody,


I'm trying to set up a WS-C3650-24-PD-S Wireless Controller but I read in its datasheet it has the option for a "primary upgrade license" and a "1 access point adder license".

My silly question is: does it mean I need to purchase the Primary for the first AP and then purchase 1 AP adder for each of the rest of them?


Does the 3650 come with some native support for APs or is it mandatory to add those licenses?



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Cisco Employee

well raul whenever you deploy

well raul whenever you deploy any Controller you need ip base or ip service license which include the number of APs supported. Means you do not need any other license  ,your bsae license will be on WLC whcih include the number APs that are supported on that specific WLC.


For your case you need RTU license mean "right to use" license.

there are two types of RTU .

1-permanent RTU license 

2-evaluation RTU license


In the evaluation RTU license you are free to use WLC for 90 days and it support 25 APs.


To activate evaluation RTU license ,use the CLI and run this command.

license right-to-use activate apcount evaluation <slot#> acceptEULA


hope this help

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Ok, so if I ordered the WS

Ok, so if I ordered the WS-C3650-24-PD-S (which includes the IP Base feature set) I will not need any other license?



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Could anybody please confirm

Could anybody please confirm my last question?

I'm not sure I understood 100% what gohussai answered a few days ago.


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You do need separate licenses

You do need separate licenses for each of the access points you want to use - over and above the main switch IP Base license. We fell down this trap aswell as it's not clear in the documentation and our reseller didn't include it in the parts list.

You need one AP license for each AP. Not sure of the actual part number but we've just been given "L-LIC-CT3650-UPG" to add 11 APs to our existing 3650 stack - although not sure whether that should really be 11x LIC-CTIOS-1A??

Anyway it's a "right to use" license - which means there's no actual license to apply - you just tell the switch you are licensed with a command - and you get a bit of paper to prove you're licensed. ie. it's a 'trust' model - where Cisco trust you to buy a license - rather than having to apply a key etc.


Cisco Employee

@Raul ,Sorry for late reply.


Cisco Employee

Yes 02 Licenses are required.

For your Query mentioned earlier ,yes you do not require any license if you are using Evaluation License for testing mean 90 days period But after that you have to disable the  Evaluation  and use the permanent license ,specially in production environment.


Furthermore if you do not have any controller in your setup then you must need the AP-count license on Controller where your LAP CAPWAP tunnel terminate. [Mean you have to change your Switch mode to MC and then use the license]


Basically 02 Licenses are required. One is Right-to-use (RTU) License and other is AP-Count. As mentioned earlier AP-count licenses are used only when the switch is in Mobility Controller mode.


Right-to-use (RTU) licensing allows you to order and activate a specific license type and level, and then to manage license usage on your switch.

The types of licenses available to order are:

Permanent licenses—Purchased with a specific feature set with no expiration date

Evaluation licenses—Pre-installed on the switch and is valid for only a 90 day in-use period.


License Level : [ip base, ip service and lan base]. For MC to work we require ip base and ip service only. [Both present in Eval and permanent]


License Types : AP-Count , Apcount adder License [ Apcount adder is installed after we have the appliance to increase present AP count]


To check we use : - # show license right-to-use summary


Right-To-Use AP-Count Licensing

Right-to-use licensing (RTU) allows you to order and activate a specific license type, and then to manage license usage on your switch.

You can order your switch with support for any number of access points as the adder access point count licenses but the total number of the licenses ordered should not exceed 25. You can also order the adder access point count licenses after receiving the switch.

For example, if you have ordered 25 new adder licenses, you can add only those ordered adder licenses to the switch. The licenses can be added in increments of 1, but the total number of licenses added for the switch should not exceed 25 .

You can configure your switch to manage the access point count licenses and view the number of access points currently in use from the CLI.
The following are the two different types of access point licenses:

    Permanent licenses for the access points
        Adder access point count license—You can purchase the adder license to increase the switch capacity at the later point of time. You can transfer the adder access point count license from one switch to another.
    Evaluation licenses for the access points
        You can activate the evaluation licenses to evaluate more access point count licenses before purchasing.
        Maximum number of access points that can be evaluated is 25 .
        The evaluation period for trying for the access point licenses is 90 days.
        You can activate and deactivate the evaluation license for the access points from the CLI.


Also check the SKUs.


Note: 1A is for AP licenses you order ,its show same as this but the quantity is mentioned in CCW while making BOM and also it install separately per AP. UPG is the main Upgrade License SKU which is installed while upgrading your Controller based Switch to support more APs.

Hope the above will clear your concept for the licensing. please mark as correct if it answer your query.



 Part NumberProduct


Part Number

Product Description


Paper license


Primary upgrade license SKU for Cisco 3650 Controller



1 access point adder license for the wireless controller based on Cisco IOS Software


The additive capacity licenses allow for the increase in access point capacity supported by the controller up to a maximum of 1000 access points. As an example, if a controller was initially ordered with the 250 access point support, that capacity could be later increased to up to 1000 access points by purchasing a 750 access point additive capacity license (750 * “LIC-CT3650-1A” or “L-LIC-CT3650-1A”). The single access point adder license SKU for the  Controller allows customers the flexibility to purchase the exact number of licenses at a time.

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Raul,Did you ever get a


Did you ever get a correct answer for this? We are looking at the same solution.