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Light weight Access Point problem

Hi all,

I have wireless network with Wireless Lan Controller 2100 and Light Weight Access Point 1300.All thing run well.

But when we need some change on network, i changed IP of LAP 1300 to incorrect IP address. So it can not communicate with Wireless Lan Controller.

I try to config it by console but cannot becaused it had registered with WLC before.

Any one can help.


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Re: Light weight Access Point problem

According to my experience you may have two ways to get out;

1. Try to log in to LAP using Cisco userid/password before it getting connected to WLC. Then clear it's private config using "clear private-config" command.

2. Irrespective of the configured IP of hte AP, if you plug the LAP to the AP-management VLAN of WLC it should get connected to WLC ( privided that Ap Management VLAN has a DHCP server) Then you can create override user ID on AP , log in to AP using the new user id instead of "Cisco", and then re-config hte AP IP.


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Re: Light weight Access Point problem

Here are some steps you need to do:

First, check the flash:


Directory of flash:/

2 -rwx 279 May 09 2008 11:52:20 +00:00 env_vars

4 -rwx 6168 May 09 2008 11:52:20 +00:00 private-multiple-fs

6 drwx 256 May 09 2008 11:49:05 +00:00 c1300-k9w8-mx.124-3g.JA2

5 drwx 128 Mar 01 2002 00:03:43 +00:00 c1300-rcvk9w8-mx

15998976 bytes total (10716672 bytes free)

Then delete the LWAPP image:

lap_1131#delete /r /f flash:/c1300-k9w8-mx.124-3g.JA2

Not the one the has rcv in it!!!!!!

Thirdly reload the AP:


Then issue a clear lwapp private-config

You'll end up with a clear AP.

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Re: Light weight Access Point problem

Thanks all for help !!!

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