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Link aggregation of 2 building to building links

I was told it´s possible to configure a trunk beetween 2 parallel BR350 links working on different channels which are connected to a switch on both sides.

My question now is if it´s possible to configure the same when one link is a 3rd party transparent laser link with Fast Ethernet speed (using a wireless connection as a backup when the weather is foggy.

If not what else can I do (for instance using STP with the disadvantage of longer switch over times)?


Re: Link aggregation of 2 building to building links

I would imagine it could be handled the same way as if it were "hard-wired" links. If you have two routed parallel paths, you can load balance by assigning the same metric, or you can create a primary-secondary effect by assigning an appropriate metric (a "floating static route").

If the laser is connected to one segment and the radio is connected to another, both aimed at the same destination, it would be basically the same as if you have to stretches of Cat5 between two endpoints.

If you have two routers / L3 switches, then you could do the same thing, but use HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol) to do the failover (pretty quick) ... and with some clever application of VLANs, you could do a little load balancing to boot.



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