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Load Balancing Questions

I have a couple of questions. First, if I have aggressive load balancing enabled on the WLC(4400) and the client window set to 0, does that mean it will automatically load balance or does that mean it won't load balance at all regardless whether or not aggressive is enabled.

Also, how do I debug load balancing from a controller standpoint. The following doc mentions debuging on the controller:

The problem is it doesn't specify what debug options to use and there are about 30 of them. Any ideas on either question? Thanks in advance!


Re: Load Balancing Questions

Enabling aggressive load balancing on the controller allows lightweight access points to load balance wireless clients across access points in an LWAPP system. You can enable aggressive load balancing using the controller GUI or CLI.

When a wireless client attempts to associate to a lightweight access point, association response packets are sent to the client with an 802.11 response packet including status code 17. This code indicates that the access point is too busy to accept any more associations. The client then attempts to associate to a different access point. For example, if load balancing is enabled and the client count is configured as 5 clients, when a sixth client tries to associate to the access point, the client receives an 802.11 response packet with status code 17, indicating that the access point is busy.

Follow the steps for the enable or disable aggressive load balancing.

Step 1 To enable or disable aggressive load balancing, enter this command:

config load-balancing status {enable | disable}

Step 2 To set the client count for aggressive load balancing, enter this command:

config load-balancing window clients

You can enter a value between 0 and 20 for the clients parameter.

Step 3 To save your changes, enter this command:

save config

Step 4 To verify your settings, enter this command:

show load-balancing

Information similar to the following appears:

Aggressive Load Balancing........................ Enabled

Aggressive Load Balancing Window.............. 5 clients

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