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Local Printer Access - Guest Auto Anchor


I have a guest network setup utilising the Cisco auto anchor configuration. My Guest WLAN terminates on the Anchor controller.  The Guest WLAN is distributed accross numerous sites.  I now have a requirement to provide printer access for guests.


Are there any tricks to allowing Guest traffic to gain access to local network printers? I read about the OEAP Split Tunneling for local printers and was wondering if there is anyway of doing this with the auto anchor configuration?





Cisco Employee

In auto-anchor mobility mode,

In auto-anchor mobility mode, a subset of a mobility group is specified as the anchor controllers for a WLAN. You can use this feature to restrict a WLAN to a single subnet, regardless of a client’s entry point into the network. Clients can then access a guest WLAN throughout an enterprise but still be restricted to a specific subnet. Auto-anchor mobility can also provide geographic load balancing because the WLANs can represent a particular section of a building (such as a lobby, a restaurant, and so on), effectively creating a set of home controllers for a WLAN

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Hi Mohanak,Thanks for your

Hi Mohanak,

Thanks for your reponse. Would you mind adding an example of how this would work?

The printers will be on the local network, I need to avoid print traffic being routed through to the DMZ anchor controller as this will consume the WAN link.

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