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lock HWIC-3G-GSM to GPRS mode


I successfully configured and tested

a HWIC-3G-GSM card on an IOS 1800


Connectivity problems have shown up

now that the router is in the field

(and without out-of-band management connection, unfortunately). To solve

the connectivity problem the only solution was to reload the router

(remind we could not access CLI).

The 3G provider has suggested to

"lock" the 3G card to GPRS mode.

Is this possible? What is meant by

locking is that the 3G card should

never switch to HSDPA when it's available. In fact we have noticed that

transitons GPRS <-> GPRS have occurred

in the past, but I haven't found

any IOS or modem config commands

to "lock" the card to GPRS mode.

Thanks for your advice,

Patrick De Muynck

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Re: lock HWIC-3G-GSM to GPRS mode


try "cellular 0/0/0 gsm band ?" in enable-mode. I don't know if this is sufficient otherwise take a look at:

As you probably know the HWIC-3G-GSM has Sierra Wireless PCB onboard. AT commands for this modem are available at:

But beware these are low-level commands, don't blame me for screwing up your modem.


Rob den Otter

The Netherlands

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Re: lock HWIC-3G-GSM to GPRS mode

Thanks Rob, I'll try this and post the


Patrick De Muynck - Athens - Greece

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Re: lock HWIC-3G-GSM to GPRS mode

Hello Patrick,

I've been trying to configure the 3G-GSM card. I'll appreciate if you could let me see your successful configs.



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Re: lock HWIC-3G-GSM to GPRS mode

Note that this command, cellular x/x/x gsm band, is not a configuration command, so you do not enter it in config mode. It is entered in the privileged exec mode.

The documentation for this command is sparse and does not show the options available for band. I do not have my unit handy to get the options.

Hope this helps someone.

Ron Buchalski

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