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Loose Telnet connection

In our facility we are using Aironet 350 AP's, Fujitsu 3400 Pentablets with cisco 350 cards and Symbol 1846 handheld devices. The access points connect up to HP Procurve 4000 switch that then connect to Cabletron 8200 SSR's.

The problems we are having is that the wireless devices loose telnet connectivity to our host system. The Pentablets use a terminal emulator which interfaces with our host system. They will just loose the telnet connection to the host. The Symbol devices download information for the end users to make changes then upload back at a later time. During the downloads and uploads they will loose the telnet connection.

It doesnt appear that they are loose connectivity to the AP. I can ping devices while they are doing the downloads, never loose a ping and then get the connection timed out error message. The AP's show that they are still authenticated. The host side show's an error message that the client just stopped responding. This is only happening on our wireless side.

Some of the things that i have looked at are makeing sure the AP are set to Channels 1,6, and 11. Hard set the switches and AP's 10mbs half duplex. Decrease the signal wattage. Ive turned STP off, CDP on and off, long and short preamble. All drivers and firmware are up to the newest excpet the cabletron, but that is a work in progress right now. The wait period has been increased to 30's on the client application side. Currently not using any security such as WEP or LEAP.

Any ideas about what to do would be great


Re: Loose Telnet connection

Once the telnet connection is lost, does it recover without any intervention? I would confirm that you are not running into any problems with physical interference of the signal if this is a periodic problem.

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Re: Loose Telnet connection

Try running a packet sniffer on the wired side of the APs to see if you can find an anomaly.

If that doesn't find anything, you're going to have to run an 11b sniffer.

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Re: Loose Telnet connection

I have the same issue. We have Fujitsu 3500's running Win 2K. WEP is used and LEAP is over VPN. Environment is Novell and NT.This started after LEAP was installed and more AP's were deployed. The Novell conection is intermittent when the primary connection gets IPX.IF it is IP, all is well.


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