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LWAP 1252 password recovery

Hi,i have problem with a LWAPP AP 1252AG

I tried to console onto the AP and its asking for a password and username for enable mode. I have entered the username configure on the intial AP when it was first installed however this doesn't seem to work.

How can i resett this AP? The Option with holding the Mode Button doesn't work. AP has static IP configured.

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Re: LWAP 1252 password recovery

Hi Andre,

The AP is looking for the username/password that can be configured while the AP is connected to the WLC :)

If the LWAPP AP did have the username and password changed while the LAP was joined to the controller then this is available via the AP's console connection


Note This command requires the controller configured Enable password to enter the CLI EXEC mode.


clear lwapp private-config

From this Troubleshooting doc;

setting of a Username/Password on an LWAPP AP becomes a valuable step in the configuration process;

Resetting the LWAPP Configuration on a Lightweight AP (LAP)

Deleting the LWAPP Configuration File to Redeploy the AP

When you redeploy an access point after moving it from one location to another, you must first delete the LWAPP configuration file and restore the access point to the factory default settings. Deleting the LWAPP configuration enables the commands on the access point console to configure the static IP address on the access point, the IP address on the controller, the access point hostname, and the default gateway IP address.

To delete the LWAPP configuration and restore the factory defaults, enter the following command in EXEC mode on the access point console:

clear lwapp private-config

The clear lwapp private-config command becomes available on the access point console after the controller pushes a new username and password to the access point.

Hope this helps!



Re: LWAP 1252 password recovery

Rob, that command is an important one to know... but, you can only use it if you already have access to the console. If the login password has been changed from the default and the AP can no longer connect to a controller (easy to get into this boat if you statically address your APs) then you have to know the console password in order to get to the config.

The only solution in this scenario is to reset the AP to factory defaults by holding down the MODE button for 5-ish seconds while powering up the AP. If this option is not available, for example if the command "config ap rst-button disable" has been issued on the AP, then you're almost out of options.

I'm not aware of any other way to recover an un-resettable, lost-password AP other than to reconnect it to the wired lan on the subnet that it's already statically addressed for, and then get into it through the controller.

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Re: LWAP 1252 password recovery

One thing you can do also is the following:

First, check the flash:


Directory of flash:/

2 -rwx 279 May 09 2008 11:52:20 +00:00 env_vars

4 -rwx 6168 May 09 2008 11:52:20 +00:00 private-multiple-fs

6 drwx 256 May 09 2008 11:49:05 +00:00 c1130-k9w8-mx.124-3g.JA2

5 drwx 128 Mar 01 2002 00:03:43 +00:00 c1130-rcvk9w8-mx

15998976 bytes total (10716672 bytes free)

Then delete the LWAPP image:

lap_1131#delete /r /f flash:/c11310-k9w8-mx.124-3g.JA2

Not the one the has rcv in it!!!!!!

Thirdly reload the AP:


Then issue a clear lwapp private-config

You'll end up with a clear AP.

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Re: LWAP 1252 password recovery

I dont have enable password ...


Re: LWAP 1252 password recovery

Is there any way to reconnect it to the lan at its previous location? Or to recreate a similar address space so that it can link to a controller from its current static address?

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Re: LWAP 1252 password recovery

Im on it,


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