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LWAPP client counts snmp MIBS

I have been asked to put a cricket page with total number of wireless clients using the infrastructure for management to look at. Does anyone know which IOD provides information on the total clients count for WiSM type of controllers? Perhaps the name of the MIB would guide me in the right direction. I downloaded most of the LWAPP related MIBS from Cisco, but I haven't been able to find such a counter.

Thanks for any information.



Re: LWAPP client counts snmp MIBS

Sorry, not a clue. I'm sure there will be such a MIB as WCS does exactly that. So I guess either (a) Keep looking, or (B) Buy WCS ;o)

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Re: LWAPP client counts snmp MIBS

Thought I would throw in what I have found...

I work with AP/WLC configuration using SNMP directly to wireless controllers -- and then use WCS for support personnel and map tracking. I write scripts that query statistics off each controller, then use PHP/Perl to display the results.

The AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB is the best place to start. Don't know the OID at the moment, but the client info you are looking for is in the bsnMobileStationTable. It lists all the clients (actually looks like the info from the WLC clients page).

If you want more specific statistics (bytes in/out), you can also query the bsnMobileStationStatsTable and bsnMobileStationExtendedStatsTable.

For example, with NetSNMP installed somewhere (and you have the MIBs installed), you can use:

snmpwalk -OQs -v 2c -c snmprwstr -m AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB mywlc bsnMobileStationTable

This command will dump the entire table to stdout. I've written a perl script (fairly straightforward and generic) to take this table and make it into a line-by-line showing of each client.

Hope this helps!

Re: LWAPP client counts snmp MIBS

Any chance you would mind sharing your script?



Re: LWAPP client counts snmp MIBS

This has been done in Cacti already. You may be able to pull out the MIBS from the following link:

Also, see this post as well:

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