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LWAPP AP Config on WLC4402

Hi All

If I had an AP that was registered manualy to a a single controller which was part of a mobilty group.. then the mobilty group was disabled and I tried to register the AP to the other controller, it still seems to try and hand it off elsewhere. When I console into the AP I see that it still remembers the host name specified on the controller previously. Where is the AP's config found? I have so far,factory defaulted the WLC and tried to re-upgrade with the LWAPP Tool. However I still can`t get the AP to lose it's old config, and register with the new WLC. Any ideas?

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Re: LWAPP AP Config on WLC4402

1. What model of AP are you using (I ask because you mention a console port)?

2. How were you trying to manipulate the AP to point at your other controller after removing the group?

An LWAPP AP does "remember" some config parameters. Rather than factory defaulting the controller, go into the AP itself on the controller GUI and factory default it from there. Dependant on your LWAPP mode, your AP might talk to either controller. If you want it to talk to a particular controller, set it as master, or set your DHCP appropriately if in LWAPP layer 3 mode. If in doubt, disconnect one of the controllers!

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