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LWAPP Controller problem with 802.11b clients

I have Controller 4404 with 40 1020AP's. when I'm testing our enviroment I found strange behaviour on some application. clients with 802.11g card haven't any problem they works fine, but few people used oldest standard 802.11b card and they have problem with client-server application, for example they could login to Lotus Notes server, could read email but couldn't send it. There is few diffrent application with the same behaviour. for test I disabled support 802.11g on controller device and with homogeneous wifi enviroment problem with application disappear.

On this wlan I have PEAP authentication with SecureID OTP token, but authentication passed correctly. I used last version of software

Maybe somebody observe such like behaviour ?

Community Member

Re: LWAPP Controller problem with 802.11b clients

I haven't seen this issue specifically. Without looking through the bug tracks, I'd initially suspect the drivers being used for your older 802.11b clients. If the devices are authenticating ok, then it shouldn't be PEAP related. Check the 802.11b client status on the controller. Look for errors from the client and look at it's status. If there's nothing obivous, look at the driver version on the WiFi adapter. If it's more than 12 months old, try to get a newer one from the manufacturer / vendor. You'd need to post a lot more info about the client devices for a definate answer.

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