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LWAPP Initial config issue .

  Think I may be missing something here .  Get a new LWAPP from the factory a AIR-LAP1142N  .  I get into the console and set the hostname  and the controller name  via lwapp ap hostname  and lwapp ap controller ip address  commands  .  Plug it into the network , it pulls a dhcp address and it will almost immedialtely associate with the  controller i assigned and you can see it downloading code in the WISM .  It downloads the code and resets itself and it  never  finds the controller  again after that .  Doesn't it retain the controller address after the reload ?    I usually end up having to add a ip helper on the subnet its on pointing to the WISM address , you would think it would save the configured address specially after it initially talks to the WLC .  Am I missing something here  ?   .  

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Re: LWAPP Initial config issue .

1140 so I guess you are running 6.X?  I've never done the initial steps you have done (configure the WLC IP address) because I've noticed that the 1140 has a quicker way of finding the WLC by itself.

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Re: LWAPP Initial config issue .

Did you ever get this one resolved? I am having similar issues with my LAP1142N. I am trying to put it back on a DHCP assigned address, but cannot figure out a way to get the AP do that. I had assigned it a static address, ran into the issue that you reported, and now trying to put it back on the DHCP segment, but it does not get the address. Weird!


Re: LWAPP Initial config issue .

  Not really , have tried it a couple of other times with the same results so it must not retain the primary controller after

the upgrade process for some reason .

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