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LWAPP with 1130 and 2106 Controller Connectivity Question


We have 4 1130 AP which will be used with a 2106 Controller.

1. I can have a AP successfully join the Controller when the AP is NOT connected directly to one of the Controller Ports. After configuring the static IP for the Access Point, I can also Ping it from the network.

However if I disconnect the AP from our network switches and connect directly to a PoE port on the controller, I can no longer ping it from the network.

Here is the config

Mgmt-Port =\24

AP-Interface =\24

Both Mgmt and AP-interface are bound to same Physical port 1 using VLAN tagging.

Access Point 1:\24, which is connected to Port 8.

I would have assumed that Wireless Controller would respond to the ARP requests for (when it will detect the AP connected to one of its ports) but apparently its not doing that ?

Is this setup in-correct ?

Should I configure the Access Points IP in a different Subnet ?

I will be connecting 4 Access Points to the Controller, which means that all User traffic for these 4 Access Points will go through one 100Mbps management port on the Controller ? Could this be a bottle Neck ?

Should I configure the Access Points in H-REAP mode so that they can locally switch data traffic ?

Is there a way to bundle 2 or more Ports on a 2106 controller (So I can increase the BW capacity for the Management Port) ?


Re: LWAPP with 1130 and 2106 Controller Connectivity Question

bundling the ports is not supported in 2106 contrioller: it is supported in 4400 controller

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