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Lxe Mx7 scanners with WLC question.

We have a pretty solid setup for our wireless, with a wlan dedicated to LXE MX7 scan guns who use WPA Shared keys as their way of "connecting".

The first demo we used of the MX7 worked without an issue, the newer demo of the same version of scanner gun is having issues with dropping/etc.

What experiences have people had with LXE MX7 guns and WLC? We're running a 4402 WLC.

[I realize the actual symptons of the problem are vague, I'm fishing to see what issues you have had, and what you did to ultimately solve them.]


Re: Lxe Mx7 scanners with WLC question.


Send more details please.

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Re: Lxe Mx7 scanners with WLC question.

Oh, I was just asking to see what others experiences were with the guns in question. It turns out that an aggressive power saving mode on the guns made them less likely to stay connected...changing the power saving mode to never go idle and to keep the screen on longer seemed to solve the issue.


Re: Lxe Mx7 scanners with WLC question.

I have had to lower my AP data rates before since the guns didn't work well at 11Mbps. The older ones actually only pass traffic at 1 and 2.

This was news to me and that fixed it.

Hopefully, they make better ones now.

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Hello,I installed a wifi

I installed a wifi system with controller  wlc2504 and 10 ap2702e to replace a wifi zyxel system where everything worked.
The problem is the model LXE MX7 barcode terminals that continue to hang up and to have a signal that varies from -58 to -90.
The coverage is good and there are no RF interference, in fact before everything worked.
The SSID of the terminals travels on the default VLAN and WEP 128bit.
Have you any suggestions to solve the problem?
Thank you

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