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Mac Address problems

I have to 350 ap's running. One goes into a switch over a trunk port and the other into a second switch over a trunk port. When a client is associated to one AP but then loses association for what ever reason and then associates with the other AP what happens to the mac address of this client in the original switches mac table. This will think that the client is on one AP but it really is now in the other AP connected to the other switch. Does the original switch flush this mac address after a certain period of time?

Cisco Employee

Re: Mac Address problems

If the client roams then there will be an exchange of the clients details between the 2 AP's using Inter AP protocol IAPP and any packets sent to the old AP will be forwarded to the new AP via the ethernet side

If the client simply disassociates then associated to the new AP then it has not roamed. So this information is not exchanged This would happen if your 2 cells dont overlap.

If you look in the logs you can see a roam message when a client roams.

If you are using Non Cisco clients then they may not be able to roam. The standards on this are very close to be finalised now so in the future this will be the case for all clients

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