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mass client de-authentication

I have been experiencing mass client deauthentications. The reason code is usually unspecified or 1. I have not been able to find anyone else that has been having this problem. I have listed my controller information along with the error below. If anyone has experienced these problems and may be able to help I would appreciate it.

Code: (problem occurs on also)

Controller: Cisco 4404 WLAN controller

Error: 19:59:38 2007 Client Deauthenticated:MACAddress:00:90:7a:03:34:47 Base Radio MAC:00:14:1c:00:40:70 Slot: 0 Reason:Unspecified ReasonCode: 1

Thoughts: It appears as though my controller sees its own ap's as rogues in the log. The problem is, the rogue notice only shows up in the message log and not in the rogue ap area of the wireless tab. Not sure what to make of this or if it even has anything to do with it.


Re: mass client de-authentication

Actually, the client reason code "unspecifiedReason :Client associated but no longer authorized". There are several reasons for this to occur. Looking at your scenario, I suspect some bug associated with the WLC version you are using. I would suggest you to upgrade the WLC to latest verison. I believe that should solve your problem.

If the porblem still persists, send me the configuration details of your WLC. Also, send me a snapshot of this message trap.

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Re: mass client de-authentication

Apply reset to all Access Points on the Wireless Lan Controller

Re: mass client de-authentication

Do you use a NTP server for time control? If so, I'd check to make sure the time and date is correct. I don't think this is the problem though. I would upgrade to at least 4.0 code if not the 4.1. 95% of the time this fixes these types of problems and if you call the TAC that's what they're going to tell you to do.

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