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Max. Distance


I've read in the manual of BR352 that max distance you can configure (parameter max distance) is 40 KMs. Does it means that farther distances wouldn't work? What would it be tha furthest distance (not taking in account problems related to attenuation, just Aironet hardware?

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Max. Distance

Hi ,

My understanding is BR352 support max distance of 25 miles with 1 meg throughput .

Minimum speed you can get between bridges is 1 meg . Depending on distance between two bridges you can get speed anywhere between 1 meg

to 11 meg . If two bridges are nearby you can ge 11 meg .

I have seen few cases where BR350 are placed little more than 25 miles

and works ok with 1 meg . I think may be clear line of sight , no interference

, good antenna height and power may have made this possible in all this cases


Community Member

Re: Max. Distance

supossed i have the enough PIRE in both sides to overcome the attenuation due to the distance and supossed i have LOS. What would it be the furthest distance due only to hardware limitations?

Cisco Employee

Re: Max. Distance

The restriction is pretty much the distance you can cofigure in the bridge spacing.

The restriction is based on how long the BR will listen before it transmit a frame to advoid a collision, The time is based on the time taken for a radio wave to travel at the speed of light to cover a given distance.

If you have devices at a longer distance then you will have late collisons causing a lot of retransmits. Power level of the received signal is the other limiting factor.

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