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Meaning of Wireless Statistics

Does anyone have a listing for the meaning of the wireless statistics of a 1310 bridge?

I have an installation of 340 bridges (up for at least 3 years) and tried to replace them with 1310s. I setup the 1310s on the ground and was able to associate using "rubber ducks". But when I install them at the location, nothing. I put the 340s back in and everything is o.k.

So I put them on the bench and connect them together with a 40db dummy load on each end. They associate and pinging is o.k. but I did notice that one of them gets some "energy detect defers" and a lot of "header crc errors". The other gets a very few "crc errors".

I have searched the web site and can find virtually no info on these statistics. What's the big secret? This stuff should be all over the place.

Anyway, does anyone know what "energy detect defers" mean?


Re: Meaning of Wireless Statistics

CRC errors can occur due to Radio Frequency interference. The more radios a cell has (APs, Bridges or Clients), the more are the chances of the occurrence of these errors. For more information on this read the document available at the URL

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