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MESH 1500 PAP not registering with RAP

I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem.When using ethernet connected to WLC PAP will register.

I am using a powerinnjector to power the AP and was wondering if this is the problem as it may not gettin power.I dont know how to test this...

Any advise would be great.


Re: MESH 1500 PAP not registering with RAP

The AP can be powered from the 48-VDC power module or from an inline power source. The AP supports the IEEE 802.3af power standard, Cisco Pre-Standard PoE protocol, and Cisco Intelligent Power Management for inline power sources. For full operation, the AP requires 12.95 W of power. The power module and Cisco Aironet power injectors are able to provide the required power for full operation, but some inline power sources are not able to provide 12.95 W. Also, some high power inline power sources might not be able to provide 12.95 W of power to all ports at the same time. A Cisco power injector can be used to supply power to the AP. The MAC address of the switch port must be used when a power injector is configured to this port

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Re: MESH 1500 PAP not registering with RAP

I have all AP's now up and running.It seems to take them forever to register but eventually they do.If i remove the AP that is connected to parent RAP the whole network goes down.The other AP's will not register with RAP until i return the AP to the mesh.Once this is done it takes over an hour for things to stabalise.Have you seen this or do you have any aadvise....

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Re: MESH 1500 PAP not registering with RAP

- For the record, the AP1500's do NOT support 802.3af POE. Cisco supplies a power injector you can use, which sounds like is the one you are using since you eventually saw it.

- As for the delay to join the RAP:

a) use 'debug lwapp errors enable' to see where it is hanging.

b) Make sure you change your rootAP's role to 'rootAP' (assuming you are using 4.0xx code)

c) Try making sure you have ZeroTouch config enabled ('show network' will tell you)

Does this help?

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