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Mesh 1522

Does anyone know if the 1500 series which are presently 802.11b/g AP's will be somehow upgradeable to 802.11n AP's. We are very close to putting in a 1.5 square mile mesh system.

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Re: Mesh 1522

Only the 1522 Mesh AP have the ablility to change the internal radio module. Cisco have indicated late 2009 for the 802.11n module.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Mesh 1522

Are you sure of the estimated release date for the 802.11N module? I just got off the phone with Cisco Support and they were not aware of any release dates for a mesh system using 802.11N.



Re: Mesh 1522

The only documentation I see is in the 1520 Q&A ( that mentions integrating the modules :


The Cisco Aironet 1524 has the capability to integrate up to 4 radios. The new mesh access point platform demonstrates our technology leadership in design innovation for radio versatility and provides flexibility for our customers to deploy wireless mesh network in a dynamic environment. Next generation radios such as 802.11n and WiMax can be easily integrated into the platform to take advantage of the latest wireless technology.


Nothing about a release date, but at least it mentions the 1520's having the modules...

Re: Mesh 1522

Although requested 802.11n, is not a confirmed technology for outdoor mesh for several obvious reasons. First, multipath is the method of transport choice for 11n. In large outdoor environments multipath is less of an issue and thus less of a transport medium. Second, current 1520 technology is designed around 5ghz as backhaul. I know, you can use 2.4 but it not recommended and was not designed to operate in that manor. Third and finally, the radios as designed today, do the backhaul routing through Adaptive Wireless Protocols. I suspect that there will be several modifications required for this to work with 11n. 11n is very valuable in areas of multipath and where signal stability needs to be enhanced. This simply isn't the case outdoors. With the 1520 series you get most of the layer 1 enhancements that MiMO has to offer. Maximal Ratio Combining diversity being the most important. Since there is little or no multipath, spatial multiplexing is not very effective. You might gain some throughput on packet aggregation, but again, it would require a rework of the AWP backhaul. Will you see 11n in the future? Probably so. Afterall, we have to keep up with the Jones'. Will it be a great advancement for outdoor mesh...NAH. Look to 802.16e as the next big thing for the 1500 series. Long range backhaul modules will eliminate RAP cabling and fiber requirements making large MESH projects economically feasible. If you need advice on this just give me a call Jason. I'll assist you as much as I can. You do know that you need the MESH ATP to be able to sell and deploy 1500 series APs right?

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