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Mesh Ethernet Bridging with VLAN Tagging Issue

Hi all.

I'm a little stuck with a 4400 + RAP 1550 + MAP 1260 Ethernet bridging issue. I'm using the VLAN tagging functionality and I'm finding that periodically a VLAN that I've tagged on the MAP will deregister from the backhaul and stop passing traffic. If I go into the Mesh tab on the MAP, select the wired interface, remove the VLAN from the list of tagged VLAN IDs and then add it right back to the list, its starts passing traffic again.

Has anyone else seen this? I can't find any relevant bugs.


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Mesh Ethernet Bridging with VLAN Tagging Issue

Hi Justin

Is there a second RAP with different config where this 1260 MAP trying to connect.

check the MAP activity:

AP#show log

AP#more event.log

debug capwap error, event.



Re: Mesh Ethernet Bridging with VLAN Tagging Issue

Hi Saravanan,

It is one RAP and three MAPs. After a TAC call and 30 hours of monitoring, my VLANs have remained registered. I think the issue was mismatched VLANs to bridge groups an it looks like the mesh bridge may be stable for now. Here is what I was seeing on the RAP and MAPs when the VLANs were deregistering unexpectedly. Notice how VLANs 2 and 10 are mapped to opposite bridge groups on the RAP and MAP:

After I removed all the VLAN IDs from the Trunk configuration on the MAPs (through each AP's Mesh tab -- Ethernet Bridging config) and then rebuilt the VLAN IDs, I ran the same commands and now see this:

My very unscientific theory here is that the mismatching was causing consistency checks to fail, so the RAP was just tearing down the registrations after getting bogus or non- responses from the MAPs during the periodic VLAN registration maintenance checks (debug mesh ethernet registration).

If I have continued issues, I'll post back with updates.

Thanks for the response!


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