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mesh indoor

My mesh indoor ap do not assosiate with the rap,the back haul channel of the Rap is not attained by the indoor child to communicate with the client what should be the maximum distence between the rap and the indoor access point,if i make a indoor rap what should be the max. distance between the rap and mesh.

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Re: mesh indoor


What kind of antenna are you using? What access point model are you using?

Can you also help me, we're having problems on converting a 1240 LAP to RAP. How did you configure it to be a RAP? Our problem is after setting its AP mode to "bridge" mode, and click "Apply". The LAP will reboot then, it doesn't join the controller anymore. The configuration guides says that by default the LAP is in MAP mode. So this means that when I have already set it to "bridge" mode, it will be a MAP? So how will it be changed to RAP if needs to connect first to a RAP.

Hope we can help each other. Thank you.

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