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Mesh network with 1552E and 1552I

Hi All,

  Has anyone done a wifi mesh using 1552E and  1552i mix of AP's ? With the 1552E as RAP and 1552I's as MAP's ? Is it a recommended model of deployment  and will it work well ? the 1552i having radiation pattern more towards the ground when mounted on top , will the mesh backhaul to the 1552E be strong enough ?

Will this work if i put the 1552e at a lower level than the 1552i so that the mesh is formed properly ?

Any advice/experience will be greatly helpful !



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Mesh network with 1552E and 1552I

Usually you try to keep it above 15-20 ft, but mixing the two should be fine, asl long as your 5ghz back haul can reach the RAP from the MAP.  Distance is more of a concern that height variance.

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Mesh network with 1552E and 1552I

Hi Joe,

You may try this sheet:

This is made for 1522 but it can be very useful in your situation. you fill the information of the two mesh APs and it will show you the maximum distance between two APs. For example, fill the antenna gain, height of both APs and the datarate and it will tell you the maximum distance. You can fill different height for the APs, just like in your situation.

Note this is an approximate results. The result is a bit ideal and you should expect less distance than this sheet shows.



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