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Migrating from WiSMs to WiSM-2IIs

Due to an environmental contamination situation, we're replacing WiSMs with WiSM-2s along with their host 6500 chassis'.

Will there be an easy way to port some or all of the existing WiSM configs to the new blades, or am I gonna have to rebuild everything from scratch?

Is there a minimun or preferred WiSM code level to enable porting configs?


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Re: Migrating from WiSMs to WiSM-2IIs

I don't know but what others have done is make a backup config of the wlc and then you can edit or just upload to the new wlc. It should be the same as going from a 4400 to a 5508. Try to search here on the forums, because I know that others had the same question.


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Re: Migrating from WiSMs to WiSM-2IIs

Completely agree with Scott, make sure that all the WiSMs are running the same code rev, which would be 7.0MR1, before backing up your config. Then just bring up your WiSM2 the same way you do your WiSM and once it is up tftp the configuration over.

I hardly ever build configs from scratch, I have a typical "gold standard" configuration that has all of my standard changes applied so I can simply upload to the new WLC, change IP if needed, and be good to go with minimal configuration.

You could also looking into having WCS/NCS push the configuration automatically using the WLC auto-configuration feature.

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