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Minimum antenna (Yagi) separation

I need to install 2 antennas for independents point-to-point links, in the same mast.

Which is the minimum separation recommended between the antennas?


Re: Minimum antenna (Yagi) separation

You can use two different sets of brigdes in close proximity if you make a few necessary settings. First you need to make sure that the root bridges are hard set to channels rather than auto. You need to make sure that the two root bridges are at least 5 channels apart so they do not cause interference with each other. Second, make sure each set is using a unique SSID and that they are set to not allow broadcast SSID's. Also in the non-root bridges i would specify the parent that it is suppose to use by it's MAC address.


Re: Minimum antenna (Yagi) separation

(Assuming directional antennas)Usually if you're at least a wavelength apart, you're generally OK. Since the wavelength at 2.4G is so short (~ 13cm), you can put the antennas several wavelengths apart without eating up too much space.

Omnis are a little trickier because of a capture effect. The receiver of the second unit would be de-sensitized in the presence of the stronger signal from its neighbor.

What kind of antennas? Are they aimed in roughly the same direction?


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