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Mobility Group

How man wirelesslancontrollers are permited configure into the same mobility group?

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Re: Mobility Group

I believe it is limited to 24.

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Re: Mobility Group

It is 24. If you are using WiSMs, these are technically 2 controllers. Magic number 24.

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Re: Mobility Group

Hi Ricardo,

Just to add a clip to the good info from David and Larry (5 points to both of you!);

A mobility group can include up to 24 controllers of any type. The number of access points supported in a mobility group is bound by the number of controllers and controller types in the group.


1. A 4404-100 controller supports up to 100 access points. Therefore, a mobility group consisting of 24 4404-100 controllers supports up to 2400 access points (24 * 100 = 2400 access points).

2. A 4402-25 controller supports up to 25 access points, and a 4402-50 controller supports up to 50 access points. Therefore, a mobility group consisting of 12 4402-25 controllers and 12 4402-50 controllers supports up to 900 access points (12 * 25 + 12 * 50 = 300 + 600 = 900 access points).

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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