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Mobility Service Engine Configuration

Hello All,

I am trying to integrate a 3350 MSE to an existing WCS and I am running across some issues that I can't figure out.  Basically I went throught the initial setup of the MSE and assigned it an IP in the same network as the WLCs I have installed ... it is also connected to the same switch that the WLCs are on as well ... I am not sure how the port should be configured but I have tried setting it as an access port and a trunk port and I still am not able to ping it or see it if I do a cdp neighbor cmd on the switch.

I have looked at the configuration several times and it says that the service is running and the IP, SM, and GW are all correct so I am not sure what else I can check to get this up and working.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated ... I tried to look at all the config and design guides but they mostly tell you what to do once you get the MSE integrated with the WCS.

Thanks in advance!


Cisco Employee

Re: Mobility Service Engine Configuration

Hi Malwan,

Have you checked the ethernet cable?

Did you try another interface on the switch?

Port should be access mode on switch side for the interface connecting to the MSE.



Re: Mobility Service Engine Configuration

Make sure you are using the first port in the MSE, I want to remember that MSE has two ethernet ports, and the UP and first one should be the correct when you run the setup script for the MSE Configuration.

Switch port must be configured in access mode like Serge told you.

Best regards.

New Member

Re: Mobility Service Engine Configuration

I finally got it to work by changing the IP and mask from /22 to /24 ... not sure why that made a difference but thanks for the help

Re: Mobility Service Engine Configuration

Maybe with the /22 mask the IP address and the gateway are not on the same subnet.

I don't remember if you told us which IP address and gateway were used.

Best regards.

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