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Monitor Wireless services


I would like to monitor Wireless services and I wonder if I could to this with an AP.

In one of our customer sites there are many problems with the wireless connections; we can monitor the RADIUS service, if the firewall is working correctly as well and any issue regards the wired network, also if the radio's AP are up/down by the WCS, but there is no garanty that the user with his laptop could associate to the AP in the correct SSID and have the wireless service unless we went to the site and verified it.

I read about the AP monitor mode, but, if I didn't misunderstand it, it only detects rogue AP, doesn't it? Is there any way in order to monito this service? Could an AP join to another AP as a client, in some similiar way an user could do it?

Many thanks in advanced!


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Re: Monitor Wireless services

Hi Laura

Yes, Monitor mode APs are mostly for enhanced rogue detection.

They do not support the feature you are mentioning (act as a client to connect to AP to validate radio)

This has been proposed in the past, and it is something we are tracking.  I would suggest to get in contact with your account team, so they are aware of your needs, and this can help that the feature gets higher priority.


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Re: Monitor Wireless services


Thanks for the answer. Now I wonder if there is any way to go ahead with this kind of service, maybe, could we use the WCS to assure our customer that the wireless network is working correctly?

Many thanks!!

Best regards,

Laura Herrero

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