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Morning problems with 1410 in dusty environment


I am running Video streaming over a 1410 Wireless Bridge. All was running fine as I am only pushing about 3mb/s over the link. However in the mornings the link has been failing. I am getting 1Volt over the RSSI and have perfect line of sight. I am getting the following stats for 5 seconds

Unicast Fragments sent 1774

Retries 371

Packets with one retry 219

Packets with more 67

Protocol Defers 14

Energy Detect Defers 194

I have replaced most of the hardware and am wondering if it could be the Sun reflecting of the dust in the early morning due. the connection is straight over a Mining pit about 2km across. The problem seems to have occured since increasing the number of shovels in the area.

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Re: Morning problems with 1410 in dusty environment

Ok improved things somewhat. I have filtered out any unwanted multicasting backloading from other devices. And have let through the two multicasting camera addresses in the required direction. This has releaved the Energy Detect Defers. Retries are down to 10% by reducing the max speed to 36mb/s and by setting required for all lower speeds as the traffic I do want to let through is multi cast traffic.

For 5 seconds

unicast fragments sent 988

Retries 8

Packets with one retry 8

Packest with more than one retry 0

Protocol defers 1

Energy detect Defers 2

Still one question. How come there is so much 6mb/s traffic registered on the rx when it is not apparent in the tx on the other node

Note 1

TX 24Mbps 145,922 bytes

TX 36Mbps 1,736,390,998 bytes

Node 2

RX 6Mbps 1,196,567,040 bytes

RX 12Mbps 512 bytes

RX 18Mbps 0 bytes

RX 24Mbps 473,395 bytes

RX 36Mbps 1,555,805,839 bytes

Must be a bug cause the Host Bytes recieved is 1,740,143,367. that is near enought to node 1 packets sent.

Does anyone know the reason for this 6mb discrepancy?

And anyone else had cold moring problems?

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