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Most Compatible settings for AP 1200 in HotSpot application

I'm wondering what the best settings are for a 1200 Access point when used in a Hot Spot application. Specifically, I'm wanting to maximize compatiblity with the broadest range of 3rd party client cards.

Has anyone had real-world experience testing 1200 APs with 3rd party cards with regards to the following settings?

1. Aironet extensions: The manual implies that if this is on, some 3rd party cards may not associate. Is this still true of currently marketed cards?

2. Ethernet Encapsualtion: 802.1H / RFC1042 The docs say that 802.1H is faster, but RFC1042 is more compatible. How significant is the performance difference, and are currently available cards still incompatible with 802.1H?

3. Radio modulation: Standard / MOK : is Standard a safe bet for current cards?

4. Radio Preamble: Long / Short: Are there any cards besides the PC4800 and PC4800A that will break with short preamble?

5. Any other settings that you find increase compatibliity with non-Cisco clients?

Thanks for sharing any experience you have in this area!

Cisco Employee

Re: Most Compatible settings for AP 1200 in HotSpot application

The default settings with aironet extensions turned off is the best bet this is how the device is tested for wifi compliance

If a card is WiFi compliant then it has been tested against this AP as Cisco along with most other major vendors are part of the WiFi test bed

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