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MSE Licensing and VM Hardware

I am attempting to go from a MSE 3310 running 7.0 to a MSE on a VM running 7.4 and the licensing has been a complete nightmare. I was finally able to get the AP licenses (was formerly licensed by tag) which gave me 4,000 tags based on Cisco's latest 10 tags to 1 AP licensing. When I built the VM I didn't know how all this worked so I sized is for a level 2 install which has 6G of RAM, 2 processors and 2,000 tags. When I import the license I get an error about it being bigger than 2,000. The next level up is 11G of RAM, 8 processors and 18,000 tags which is overkill for what I need. I bumped up the specs on my current VM and still can't import the license.

Before I keep bumping up the specs or even rebuilding the server does anyone actually know what how this works?

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Hi ,To start with , I hope

Hi ,

To start with , I hope you have already got Virtual MSE activation license which is required to install.rehost all these permanenet CAS or WiPS license.You are here migrating the MSE itself along with the Licenses ?

I dont understand what you mean by importing but I assume you are saying that you are re-hosting the CAS and WiPS license and you have already got the re-hosted licenses for Virtual MSE (Re-hosted from 3310 to Virtual MSE) along with the purchase of activation license which is required for Virtual MSE. 


What is it saying when you add this Virtual MSE in the PI "Platform Limit by AP" Column.






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